Our Approach

Step 1
Conceptual Model

Adding software to a broken process doesn't make you digital - applying software to an inefficient operation will magnify the inefficiency.

Before we commit any code to the code editor, we first seek to understand the workings of the business process and its commercial drivers.

We start with the outputs in mind and develop a conceptual model.

Step 2
Analysis & Discovery

Discovery is the art of asking the right questions - it's a rigorous and systematic inquisition of the conceptual model's building blocks.

What does the conceptual model tell us?

Is the process efficient? Do the outputs make sense and are they consistent with our expectations?

Step 3

We only develop a conceptual model once; however, we can make it better as many times as is needed.

The biggest challenge is reimagining the process.

How may we leverage the results of our analytical discovery to improve the operation of the conceptual model?

Step 4

The hard work is done. We now have a sound understanding of the desired business process solution.

Such knowledge is put to use in determining the most effective mix of programming languages, frameworks and methodologies to develop the solution.

It's time to bring the conceptual model to life.

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