Introducing City Software

Published: 28 February 2020

Who are we?

We are City Software, a division of The City Partnership (UK) Ltd.

Our "Why?"

We deliver business processes efficiencies via software solutions/services, so that our clients may benefit from enhanced stakeholder engagement with their commercial operations.

Breaking down the above...

What do we do?

We deliver business process efficiencies via software solutions/services.

Who do we do it for?

Our clients include (un)quoted companies and investment vehicles

How do we do it?

To deliver business process efficiencies, the biggest challenge is reimagining the process, not writing the software. Before we write any code, we work with our client to develop a sound conceptual understanding of outputs, processes and inputs, in that order. Once we have a solid conceptual grasp of the business processes, we turn our attention to identifying the appropriate development tools and frameworks to deliver the solution/service.


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The City Partnership (UK) Ltd

City Software is a division of The City Partnership (UK) Limited ("City").

City is a well-established provider of corporate and fund services. City meets its clients' requirements for registrar and receiving agent services, security trustee and escrow agent services, corporate administration, compliance and governance services, accounting services, fund administration services and corporate communication services.

In May 2016, City launched a wholly owned subsidiary, The Intrinsic Partnership Limited (“Intrinsic”). Intrinsic provides a full suite of creative communication services to a diverse range of businesses.

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