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Rudi Smeaton
Director of Operations
After graduating in Mathematics from Warwick University in 2005, Rudi has worked in the financial markets, including in Connecticut, USA and London, UK with RBS, with an emphasis on his data modelling and analysis skills. Amongst his responsibilities, Rudi structured and executed derivatives for the bank’s large corporate clients. More recently, Rudi joined City, operating from London and Edinburgh, in a senior role to develop and lead its software-enabled corporate and fund services offering.
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William Grant
Software Developer
Experienced leading large commercial projects for international retail and hospitality brands. Has a background in digital media rights management, content distribution and logistics. Previously developed data analytics tools for use in the 2012 Department of Health and Social Care palliative care funding review. Established Untangle the Web, a social learning environment at Google Campus in London backed by a major US online education platform.
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Magd Kudama
Software Developer
Magd has over a decade of experience in developing software applications, ranging from firmware development for a leading e-cigarette company to writing code for the largest e-commerce in the world, Amazon. Magd has also enjoyed work in the financial markets sector, having developed high-performance trading systems with millisecond latency requirements. Magd’s current interest include DevOps and infrastructure as code. He is a Computer Science graduate from the Jaume I University (Valencia, Spain), and has completed a Masters in Computational Mathematics.
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Nathan Purcell
Software Developer
Nathan attained his degree in Computing from Edinburgh Napier university in 2009 and began working in digital agencies in Edinburgh shortly after. He has worked with recognised global brands including luxury spirit manufacturers and international sports teams as well as local government institutions to deliver software products for real-world use.
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City Software is a division of The City Partnership (UK) Limited ("City").

City is a well-established provider of corporate and fund services. City meets its clients' requirements for registrar and receiving agent services, security trustee and escrow agent services, corporate administration, compliance and governance services, accounting services, fund administration services and corporate communication services.

In May 2016, City launched a wholly owned subsidiary, The Intrinsic Partnership Limited (“Intrinsic”). Intrinsic provides a full suite of creative communication services to a diverse range of businesses.

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